Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dallas Arboretum

It was a beautiful day for the Arboretum!
Blakely and Ryan playing with a ladybug
The last time I was here, Tab was still pregos with Blakey. Now Ms. B is 10 months tomorrow! Where has the time gone!?
(Tab, Britt & Holli (5mths) Mother's Day 2012)

Ms. HOLLIwood (15mths)

They were both crazy about Blakely's shoes.

Unsuccessful in getting them both to look at the same time.

Holli going in for a KISS

Out for the count!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Flower Power

I'm to sexy for my hat!

Come on Scooter, it's nice out

Do you see it?

da plane

The weather turned out nice so a quick change of clothes was needed before we could get started

I see you Gigi looking at me. You think I am going to eat the dirty don't you?

We went to Callaways to get some flowers and came across this plant. Thought the "Little Rascal" was a perfect description of Holli.

 Day 2
Holli pulled a petal off this little flower at the store so now it's hers to take care of.

Zoey getting in on the action

My little helper
All clean & happy

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is she here yet?..

Are you my Blakely?

you don't smell like Blakely

you don't taste like Blakely, you're not Blakely

I got my hat, sweater and shoes on but still no Blakely

she's not under there, that's my belly-button
okay Gigi, I can't wait any longer let's go to the park...

She's here, she's here!!! Blakely is finally here!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!

Live is good when you are sharing a snack with your friend and cousin!